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Like a lot of communities, the Gather story started with a small group of friends. And, it all went down on the opposite coast…
Golden Gate Bridge

How It All Began

A decade ago, there were so many Jewish events, services, and experiences across Washington, D.C. that it felt almost impossible to stay in the loop.

An intrepid group of friends created a calendar and a newsletter to distill what was happening in the District’s Jewish community. This grew into a full-fledged organization, GatherDC, with relationships at its center.

Since then, the GatherDC team has met hundreds of Jewish 20- and 30-somethings for coffee, listened to their wide variety of experiences, and helped connect them more deeply to local Jewish life.

We like to say that the Jewish world doesn’t need more programs.
We need more people to go with.

In the summer of 2022, GatherBay opened its “doors” to meet a similar need in the East Bay.

Our hope is that anyone who wants to access Jewish life here can do so in a way that is relevant and meaningful to them — and we know that is different for every single person.

Learn more about our work and approach in eJewish Philanthropy and The J Weekly.

GatherBay and GatherDC are the city-based projects of the banner organization, Gather, Inc.

Explore Gather, Inc’s work, methodology, and partnership projects.

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As we create experiences that meet the community’s needs and grow GatherBay, we welcome your input!

The Land Where We Gather

While we currently do not (yet!) have a physical home, the land on which GatherBay’s team and community meets is in the territory of Huichin. This territory, now known as the East Bay, encompasses Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, Piedmont, Emeryville, and Albany, but it has been home to the Lisjan Ohlone people for thousands of years.

This land has a deep history. Today, the Lisjan Ohlone people continue to live here, advocate for their sacred sites like the Shellmound, and maintain powerful cultural practices.

This small acknowledgement is just the beginning of ongoing work. We invite you, either as an individual or an organization, to join us in giving Shuumi, a voluntary tax to support Sogorea Te’ Land Trust. Your donation supports their vital work in the rematriation, cultural revitalization, and land restoration.

If you wish to get involved in this work through the Jewish community, reach out to Jews on Ohlone Land.

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