Spiritual Leaders in the Bay Area

Updated 7.11.24

Dear friends,

In our work, we often receive requests from our community members regarding various life cycle events, spiritual or pastoral care, and other resources that spiritual leaders can offer. 

In order to facilitate connections between folks who have a spiritual, ritual, or other specific need and leaders who can meet that need, we’re excited to share this resource with you. 

In this guide, you’ll find a variety of leaders who are available to be hired to officiate life cycles, do pastoral care or spiritual direction, or a number of other offerings. These amazing folks are based in and around the Bay Area. We encourage you to contact them directly using the contact information they have provided.

Want support in addressing your ritual/spiritual need and don’t have a tight timeline? You’re welcome to reach out to the GatherBay team and we’ll talk it through with you — just fill out this short form or email info@gatherbay.org.

Want to be included in the guide? Simply fill out this short form or email info@gatherbay.org with questions for whether or not you’re eligible to be included. 

Are you looking for conversion or another ritual that you don’t see listed among any of the leaders? Reach out to us at info@gatherbay.org and we’ll do our best to help.

We hope you find meaningful connections here!
The GatherBay team

Please note: GatherBay does not fact-check this info and cannot vouch for the veracity of the statements.