Lulu Lee Mazzei

What do people call me? Lulu Lee

Pronouns: She/Her

Where was I ordained? MSW, LCSW, ordained through United National Ministries

Organization Name: Alternative Love

Where am I located? San Francisco, Remote

Why did you become a spiritual leader and what do you love about Judaism?

At the behest of my soul and a deep call from my ancestors, I am on a path of spiritual stewardship. I refer to my practice as an apothecary of healing and awakening. Beings that have worked with me in the past are coming because they feel stuck, are in the midst of a big life transition, and are looking to find greater purpose and meaning from life. What I love about Judaism is that it is personal and vast. For me, it is about honoring the sacredness of all that is.

Are there specific populations, age groups, or folks at a certain life stage who you love working with? 

I love working with beings who feel lost, stuck, or feel called to dive deeper into themselves. I am an alternative therapist and draw people who are seeking something different; from their life, and from those who support them. I am here to help people find and create their own path and that begins with traveling into the darkness. I am particularly interested in supporting those who seek to develop a personal relationship to their own divinity through sacred sexuality. I am open to officiating weddings, and am constantly cultivating offerings for partnership/personal rituals outside of the prescribed.

What services do I offer?
  • Weddings/partnership rituals
  • Spiritual guidance/counseling,
  • Psychedelic/somatic therapy
  • Ritual living
  • Sacred sexuality

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