Rabbi Adina Allen

What do people call me? Rabbi Adina

Organization: Jewish Studio Project

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Where was I ordained? Hebrew College, Boston, MA

Where am I located? East Bay

Why did you become a spiritual leader and what do you love about Judaism?

I became a rabbi to discover the ways ritual, text, prayer, song and community could help us hold what is hard in the world, open to and appreciate what is beautiful, and feel a sense of being interwoven with a greater sacred whole. Especially in these difficult times, I seek to help us all open portals into the ancient and the sacred that can support and inspire us to blow our hearts wide open, unlocking new potential for our lives. May it be that the wisdom and traditions we’ve inherited and the ways these practices evolve and are renewed in through each of us that we become agents of compassion, imagination, creativity and care.

Are there specific populations, age groups, or folks at a certain life stage who you love working with? 

Adults of any age or stage.

What services do I offer?

Weddings/partnership rituals, Spiritual guidance/counseling, New baby rituals (baby naming, covenant, etc.), creative approaches to adult Jewish learning.

For more information, visit Jewish Studio Project’s website, Instagram, or email me!