Rabbi Paige Lincenberg

at in Oakland, CA on May 14, 2023.

What do people call me? Rabbi Paige

Organization: Mendocino Coast Jewish Community

Where was I ordained? ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal

Where am I located? San Francisco, North Bay, Mostly on the Mendocino Coast but often officiate ceremonies throughout the Bay

Why did you become a spiritual leader and what do you love about Judaism?

I am a rabbi to accompany spiritual beings on their journey of asking questions and seeking deeper meaning and connection. I love that our Jewish tradition intentionally taps us into the Spirit of the earth, the cycles of the moon & seasons, the lifecycle milestones of living, and the awe of existence.

Are there specific populations, age groups, or folks at a certain life stage who you love working with? 

I love working with all people of all different backgrounds but I specialize in Earth-Based Judaism and plant medicine. I work with Wilderness Torah and Shefa: Jewish Psychedelic Support to connect with seekers on those specific paths. I seek to help people embody their true soul, trust their Divine intuition, and feel the interconnected Oneness of all life. My three favorite rituals to officiate are weddings, funerals, and medicine ceremonies.

What services do I offer?

  • Funerals/memorial services
  • Weddings/partnership rituals
  • Spiritual guidance/counseling
  • Conversion
  • New baby rituals (baby naming, covenant, etc.)
  • Adult B’nai mitzvah
  • Interfaith weddings
  • Co-officiating with another spiritual leader
  • Customized ceremonies for any life transition you feel is worth ritualizing!

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