Rabbi Rory Katz

What do people call me? Rabbi Rory

Pronouns: She/Her

Where was I ordained? Jewish Theological Seminary, New York, NY

Do you have a denominational affiliation? Conservative

Organization Name: Congregation Kol Shofar

Where am I located? East Bay

Why did you become a spiritual leader and what do you love about Judaism?

I think of Judaism as a set of tools for building a rich, meaningful, and sacred life. It’s helped me to ground during my most disorienting life stages, and it keeps me excited and hopeful when things are feeling stagnant. Judaism gives me a sense of community that few other things compare to and it has provided me with tools for accessing divinity and sacredness that is accessible even when I don’t always feel connected to God with a capital “G”.

Are there specific populations, age groups, or folks at a certain life stage who you love working with? 

I love working with people who are in transitions! I love lifecycle events and milestones. In my spiritual counseling practice, I am particularly focused on quests for purpose, meaning, and sense of belonging.

What services do I offer?

  • Funerals/memorial services
  • Weddings/partnership rituals
  • Spiritual guidance/counseling
  • Conversion
  • New baby rituals (baby naming, covenant, etc.
  • Adult B’nai Mitzvah
  • Jewish new parent coaching
  • Co-officiating with another spiritual leader
  • Personalized rituals for other life events
  • Individualized learning journeys

For more information, email me!