Tammy Kremer

What do people call me? Tammy

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Where was I ordained?
Long-time Jewish ritual facilitator and educator for lifecycle events, services, and educational programs.

Where am I located? East Bay

Why did you become a spiritual leader and what do you love about Judaism?

I love facilitating creative Jewish ritual that acknowledges and expands lifecycle moments. I officiate life-cycle rituals and prioritize facilitating spaces that welcome people of all walks of life and with all levels of familiarity with Jewish practice. I lead baby namings, b’nei/bat/bar mitzvahs, mikvahs, weddings, grieving rituals, Jewish prayer services, and customized, original rituals. I seek to engages people’s sense of wonder, creativity, and connection with self, others, and all that is, however each person imagines that.

Are there specific populations, age groups, or folks at a certain life stage who you love working with?

All! I would love to work with folks in the LGBTQ+ community (I’m bi/pan/queer).

What services do I offer?

  • Funerals/memorial services
  • Weddings/partnership rituals
  • New baby rituals (baby naming, covenant, etc.)
  • Adult B’nai mitzvah
  • Interfaith weddings
  • Co-officiating with another spiritual leader
  • Mikvah
  • Creative ritual to mark a lifecycle moment of choice

For more information, check out my website, LinkedIn or email me!